Architecture and urban planning are part of our daily lives. Not a day goes by without us coming into contact with architecture in some way. Whether in the most remote places of the world or in the vastness of space, architecture can be found almost everywhere. By architecture we can also understand the creation out of nothing, the changing and influencing of what already exists. If we take the word in its origin, the smallest change in the existing, the smal- lest intervention in nature can already be understood as architecture. But the term is limited to changes brought about by people. A living being apart from humans cannot create architecture, even though they significantly change and influence the environment. Architecture can also be created by anyone; the simple design of a property boundary is already an architectural activity, an architectural intervention. It accompanies us everywhere and is difficult to imagine life without it. Precisely because of this, there is a great responsibility behind the creation of architecture towards people, living beings and nature.